A spindle with in-built hydraulic chuck is installed in the center of the machine bed and two independent tooling systems are installed on the right and left side of the spindle. The machine can turn two ends of parts simultaneously to achieve precise concentricity.

Advantage to Your Process


The two ends of a shaft that has been machined on a center drive lathe will be perfectly concentric, with an accuracy to within that of the machine itself. Center drive turning is also reliable and accurate for center hole of grinding processes.


Long or heavy shafts and tubes are often not easy to flip. Center drive turning eliminates this problem. Machining both ends at the same time saves manpower as well as machine time. Part cycle time can be reduced by 60% or more over that of a conventional lathe. Use of the Hainbuch quick change collet also reduces change over time.

Spindle Spec.

Spindle Type Clamping Dia. Rang(mm) Max PRM Spindle Width
180 250 300 400
65 5-65 4000 ALL ALL ALL XF/GF42
80 5-80 3500 ALL ALL ALL XF
100 15-100 3000 N/A XF XF XF
125 25-125 2500 N/A XF XF XF