Turnkey solution

Our application engineering department helps our customer with the design of clamping fixtures and the optimization of the turning process. We have also designed automated turning lines to connect different operations.

Technology Highlight

  • During our 30 years of development in the turning industry we have produced design for many special products. These include our solid workpiece holding chucks which have the necessary high precision and stability for large scale production.
  • Integrated automatic turning machines with friendly user control and rapid loading and unloading.


  • Loader designed fundamental concept:
    – Main body: Iron casting
    – Transmission: Ballscrew
    – Motor: Servo motor
    – Control: Integrated with machine controller.


Best Turnkey Solution

Advantage to Your Process

  • We dedicate ourselves to design stable and effective production lines and have developed unique solutions which give our customers a competitive industrial advantage.


  • The center drive spindle with dual holding is an example of the expansion of efficiency as well as innovation. It lays down an important foundation from the start. The machine is the result of the modification of a machine with a single holding spindle to one with dual holding capacity. The machine can turn two parts at the same time and the OP20 is a most efficient improvement of the OP10.