Center drive lathe

Shaft/tube turning from length 250mm to 2500mm


Flat bed, 45 degree slide, twins center spindle, twins turret.
Long shaft/tube up to 2500mm

TAL22 has a twin center spindle, the machine can clamp the middle section of a shaft
or tube even though it might be as long as 2.5 meters. Both spindles are located
on the rail, so the clamping position can easily be adjusted over a wide range. Also,
one of turrets has been designed so that it can cross over the center spindle. This
means the machine can turn with one center spindle and both turrets at the two
ends. This design gives the machine excellent flexibility for turning a very wide range
of parts with different lengths.

  • The best solution for shafts and tubes longer than 1.5 meters that need turning on both ends. The machine can accept a wide range of lengths for other family parts.
  • The center spindle position is programmable and has a very short change over time for different parts.
  • The specially designed side door loading system makes loading long shafts easy.


Center Drive Lathe

Technical Data

Above specification is just for reference only. Please do sent us application drawing if you would like more information.