Center drive lathe

Dual Holding (CDL) Double Your Producity


45 Degree slant bed, Dual holding center drive spindle, twins turret
With one input and two finished parts

Combination of two center drive lathes and two loading system considerably increase
machine productivity and give you high ROI. The DF11 is designed for the production of machine parts such as gears, pinions, break discs and flanges. Customers can get great return from a modest investment  in this machine. An 8 Axis high speed parts loader allows full automation of your production line.

  • Single spindle with two chucks, able to clamp two different diameters work pieces.
  • Maximum center drive lathe efficiency by turning two different details at the same time.
  • Big reduction on production area. Allow an operator to operate two center drive lathe at the same time. Multiple effects will take place if more DF11 are in production.


Center Drive Lathe

Technical Data