Center drive lathe

Exceptional High Volume Production Machine


35 Degree Slant Bed, Twins Turret, Tailstock Designed for shaft turning (Shaft for Transmission, Motor Shaft)

Our flagship X series is comprised of a range of superb machines. These have the heaviest machine beds the company produces and they also have a unique 35° lower machine center to reduce cutting vibration. The machine slides have taper roller linear guides or boxway slides, this gives the machines the stiffness and support needed for heavy duty turning.


The machines are prepared for multiple axes, customized, complex turning operations. The tailstock axis has a servo motor and drill head, allowing turret turning and drilling to be done simultaneously.

Heavy Duty Center Drive Lathe

Tailor-made for shaft turning (Output Shaft, Input shaft, Intermediate Shaft).
Multi-tasking machine with power turret and C axis as option


Center Drive Lathe

Technical Data