polygon machine

Multi-tasking Machine for Turning and Polygon milling


Turning and Polygon milling

with same turret

The unique design of the milling head system allows coupling. The milling head can
be stationary for the turning function and can rotate for milling multi flats. The
spindle motor and servo motor on the milling head are synchronized and can
generate a range of rotation speeds for polygon milling.

  • The unique integration of a CNC polygon machine with a basic CNC lathe means
    turning and polygon milling can be done on the same machine.
  • This saves factory floor area and labor as well as operation and transport time.
  • A wide range of polygon cutting can be done using the CNC control system. The X
    and Y axes are driven by servo motors.
  • The polygon milling and copying is done without a conventional profiling
    attachment which allows unlimited contouring.


Multi-Tasking Technology

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