Maximize Product Efficiency

Fastcut latest turning solution with two center drive spindles exchange system. Respond to10 seconds takt time SF10 only required 1.5 seconds for loading/unloading automation system. It helped customer to invest less on turning operation and bumped up ROI.

Two Center Drive Spindles + Turning Both Sides Simultaneously

Model SF10 equips with 2 center drive spindles and 2 gang tooling slides and it will carry out turning part on the machining area while load/unloading part to another spindle simultaneously. The spindle motor was installed underneath spindle and move along with spindle. This compact design will maximize floor space productivity.

Only Need 1.5 Seconds For Loading/Unloading Automation System

One gantry loader will feed incoming part to two spindles. Finished part will be picked up from the spindles and place on the conveyor in front of machine so operator could collect the parts at same station.